Weight Cost Weight Cost
0-1lb $10.00 8lbs $80.00
2 lbs $20.00 9lbs $90.00
3lbs $30.00 10lbs $95.00
4 lbs $40.00 11lbs $104.50
5lbs $50.00 12lbs $114.00
6lbs $60.00 13lbs $123.50
7lbs $70.00 14lbs $133.00

From 20-100lbs will be charge at $8.00 per lb

Handling- $10.00


Consolidation should be requested when customer sends invoice if needed.

Please note for  packages with significant size we will use shipping scale measuring length x width x height x166 to get the chargable weight in pounds.

Delivery is free between Castries and Gros Islet . Vieuxfort Central is free as well but only on days our goods arrive.Any where out of these zones will be charged based on area.

Shipping calculator